Solution-oriented, we adapt to the needs and constraints of each customer and offer them a wide range of metallization options. From simple applications for small inscriptions to highly specialized coatings for shaped crystals, our structured metallized coatings meet every need.

Metal and colours - visible precision

Our sophisticated lithographic methods allow us to offer optimal quality of up to 20 micrometers.

We have two plating facilities. These high-performance tools ensure that we offer reliable and exclusive coating processes, as well as a guarantee of excellent colour repeatability.

Our techniques can be adapted to a very large number of metallized coatings:

  • Pure metals, such as chromium, palladium, gold or titanium
  • Gold alloys ranging from white gold to red gold
  • Black or anthracite coatings with low residual reflections
  • Various customizable interference colour coatings
  • Various coloured smoked coatings

Catalogue of available metallization options

PVD colouring of the dial

Guided by our quest for excellence, our engineers have developed processes for colouring metal dials using vacuum evaporation. This robust and reproducible technology allows a wide range of colours to be produced.

«True illusion can only come from perfect execution.»
Mise en couleur PVD du cadran
Catalogue of available metallizations

Combination products, Decal, Super-LumiNova® and laser engraving

Econorm encourages innovative ideas from its customers. Drawing on its experience, its centre of expertise and the diversity of its manufacturing tools, the company assists its clients in the construction of projects by developing effective, tailor-made solutions with added values other than metallization and anti-reflective coating.

«The only way to define the limits of the possible is to venture a little beyond, into the impossible.»
Sir Arthur C. Clarke
  • Decal
  • SLN
  • Laser engraving
Produits combinés

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