Solution-oriented, we adapt to the needs and constraints of each customer and offer them a wide range of metallization options. From simple applications for small inscriptions to highly specialized coatings for shaped crystals, our structured metallized coatings meet every need.

Metal and colours - visible precision

Our sophisticated lithographic methods allow us to offer optimal quality of up to 20 micrometers.

We have two plating facilities. These high-performance tools ensure that we offer reliable and exclusive coating processes, as well as a guarantee of excellent colour repeatability.

Our techniques can be adapted to a very large number of metallized coatings: 

  • Pure metals, such as chromium, palladium, gold or titanium
  • Gold alloys ranging from white gold to red gold
  • Black or anthracite coatings with low residual reflections  
  • Various customizable interference colour coatings 
  • Various coloured smoked coatings

Catalogue of available metallization options

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