Our Manufacture

Thanks to our constant quest for innovative technologies, we are able to put our know-how and in-depth knowledge of thin-film deposition and treatment techniques at the service of the watchmaking industry.

Both fleixble and responsive, we adapt to the requirements of a complex and constantly evolving industry.

As a leader in the development of high-tech products,we adapt to the requirements of a complex and constantly evolving industry.

And, because we know that good project execution requires active communication and an increased sense of service, a competent and bilingual  customer care centre has been in place since 2011 in Saint-Imier (BE).

Company history

More than 20 years of pure innovation


Rita Behluli and Roland Rhyner start treating watch crystals on a second-hand production line for sapphire crystal coatings.


Roland Rhyner founds Econorm AG in Balzers (Liechtenstein). In the same year, Breitling becomes the company's first regular customer.


Econorm AG has eight employees and operates four production lines.


Econorm moves to Gams (SG). The company then becomes Econorm Gams AG and receives more orders from the watch industry. 


Econorm Gams AG develops its own production lines in order to be able to meet the growing requirements of the watch industry in an optimal fashion. The excellent quality of the manufactured products helps to convince high-end brands to leverage its know-how for the processing of their products.


Four new production lines developed in-house are commissioned. This development enables the company to reach an exceptional level of quality, a milestone in the company's history. In the same year, the company launches its metallization division.


The company moves to the centre of Saint-Imier and sets up an efficient quality control department for treated lenses. 


The technological inventions made by ECONORM founder, Mr. Rhyner, founder, earn him the Werdenberg Innovation Award.


A professional quality laboratory is built and commissioned to ensure continuous production control and to support the internal development team. In the same year, Erma Boécourt SA becomes a shareholder of the company.


The company operates 11 production lines equipped with the most modern technology and in parallel launches the production of an "EcoFlow" flowbox, an innovation of the development team.


More than ever looking to the future, ECONORM AG is working to revolutionise anti-reflection treatments by producing high-quality products that combine useful functions and aesthetic effects.

Company philosophy

In more than 20 years of operation, the values of our family-oriented company have remained intact and are passed on to each generation of employees.

« Optimism, fun at work and excellent relationships ensure the constant quality of our business. »
Honesty, trust and communication are our watchwords.

We regard our customers and suppliers as partners and our relationships are based on open communication and mutual trust..

We attach great importance to our customers’ requirements and make every effort to innovate and meet the highest standards..

The terms of delivery agreed with our customers are principles to which we adhere strictly. Our unfailing responsiveness contributes greatly to our excellent reputation.

We want the quality of our products to meet or exceed our customers' expectations..

With a focus on continuous improvement, our PVD production lines are constantly adapted to evolving technology..

Our quality guarantees


Our quality laboratory controls the entire production process down to the last detail. This uncompromising throughness is a means of designing flawless products. At the customer's request, certificates can be drawn up.

« Because we have complete confidence in the quality of our products and are proud of it, we trademark each of our achievements. »

A professional quality Laboratory

Our detailed and reliably executed tests in our professional quality laboratory are designed to comprehensively meet many of the requirements of daily use. 

Quality is part of our motto and we are committed to it throughout our entire production chain. After thorough testing steps, we evaluate, compare and document the results within our structure. 

Quality does not happen by chance.

Several quality tests are carried out by our specialists:

  • Trovalisation – NIHS 61-30-4.3.2
  • Bayer test - NIHS 61-30 Appendix B
  • Resistance to ultrasound - NIHS 61-30-4.4.6
  • Solubility test - DIN-ISO 9211-3-12-3 and 9022-87-04-1
  • Environmental Test Methods for Surface Contaminants
  • Methods of environmental testing in the corrosion test cabinet 
  • Environmental test methods in the air-conditioned enclosure
  • Specific test methods

These tests are among the most frequent we perform in our laboratory. However, we are constantly expanding our field of study and we can carry out other tests upon customer request. 

Our services include testing of your own coatings according to your protocols with the impartiality and honesty that are our hallmark.