Swiss Made functional sapphire

Thanks to flawless collaboration with the best Swiss sapphire manufacturers, ECONORM also offers its services in the development and production of end products, from the purchase of 100% Swiss sapphire to its decoration right down to the smallest detail.

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Sapphire production

Swiss Made functional sapphire

Leveraging Verneuil technology by the TIMSAPH company and our seamless collaboration with the best sapphire makers, the projects we design for you are sure to be of the best Swiss quality.

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Coating pour l'industrie

Votre partenaire indépendant et innovant, spécialisé dans le développement et la production de composants en saphir et proposant des revêtements tels que des couches soudables, filtres optiques, métallisation ou antireflets.

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Coating pour l'horlogerie

Technologie de couches minces au plus haut niveau. Des solutions high-tech innovantes au service d’idées fortes.

Antireflet Décoration

Anti-reflective coatings

The watch industry is developing increasingly elaborate watch dials. To enhance this work and reveal the beauty of each piece, the anti-reflective treatment of sapphire crystals is a key step that we, as specialists, master at one of the highest levels on the market.

Anti-reflective coatings Coloured anti-reflective coatings
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Focused on solutions, we adapt to the needs and constraints of each customer and offer a wide range of metallization options. From simple applications for small inscriptions to highly specialized coatings for shaped crystals, our structured metallized coatings meet all needs.

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The Manufacture

«The only way to define the limits of the possible is to venture a little beyond the impossible.»
Sir Arthur C. Clarke

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