Anti-reflective coatings

The watch industry is developing increasingly elaborate watch dials. To enhance this work and reveal the beauty of each piece, the anti-reflective treatment of sapphire crystals is a key step that we, as specialists, master at one of the highest levels on the market.

Our solutions, based on new materials, technologies and processes, allow us to guarantee perfect adhesion of the layers on sapphire crystal glass and provide high scratch-resistance..

Our anti-reflective coatings guarantee visual perfection, excellent resistance to environmental influences and mechanical reliability in everyday use.. To achieve this, we have worked to perfect layer systems that are free of tension, which can seriously impair the adhesion of the anti-reflective coating to the sapphire crystal.  

Our high-performance techniques enable us to attain the ideal balance between the desired hardness and the elasticity necessary to prevent the layer from being damaged by impacts.

Colourless Anti-reflective coatings

Over the past 20 years, Econorm's anti-reflective coatings have been widely used to provide watch lenses with a high-quality finish. Today, building on this advanced know-how, Econorm is embarking on the production of functional products that go beyond simple anti-reflective coatings..

In 2017, Econorm developed anti-reflective coating ranges designed to meet new requirements such as colour preservation, resistance to electrostatic effects and achromatic capabilities..

  • ARunic® ((Hydrophobic oleophobic, UV filter, anti-static and high hardness)
  • ARuv (UV filter, antistatic)
  • ARdur® (Hydrophobic oleophobic, anti-static and high hardness)
  • ARcroma® (achromatic)

Fiches techniques

1 side 2 sides
ARdur® 1 face ARdur®
ARcroma® 1 face ARcroma®

Assembly orientation
(Stickers on the outside)

Coloured Anti-reflective coatings

Single and multi-layer coloured anti-reflective coatings have been renamed to match both the one and two-sided product ranges. Below are the new names and relevant technical data sheets. 

  • Anti-Reflective Blue - AR Blue-Violet
  • Anti-Reflective Green - AR Green
  • Anti-Reflective Yellow - AR Yellow
  • Anti-Reflective Red - AR Red

In 2019, the new functional product range will be extended to include the colour Blue-Violet..

Econorm has developed these products to meet current requirements, such as colour preservation of decoration, as well as resistance to electrostatic effects and achromatic capabilities..

  • ARunic®  Blue-Violet (Hydrophobic oleophobic, UV filter, anti-static and high hardness)
  • ARuv  Blue-Violet (UV filter, anti-static)
  • ARdur®  Blue-Violet (Hydrophobic oleophobic, anti-static and high hardness)
  • ARcroma®  Blue-Violet (achromatic)

Technical Data Sheets

Remarks: the old treatment designations, MgF2, Ardur and Ardur plus, remain accessible and feasible. For more information, please contact customer service ,who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

1 side 2 sides
AR Blue-Violet 1 face AR Blue-Violet
AR Green 1 face AR Green
AR Yellow 1 face AR Yellow
AR Red 1 face AR Red
ARcroma® Blue-Violet 1 face ARcroma® Blue-Violet
ARdur® Blue-Violet 1 face ARdur® Blue-Violet
ARuv Blue-Violet  
  ARunic® Blue-Violet

Assembly orientation
(Stickers on the outside)

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