The Nanometer - Scratch Test / EPISODE 4

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Continuation of our tutorial, "The Nanometer", on the intrinsic quality of an anti-reflective coating without internal tension.

For an anti-reflective coating to resist the external attacks that a watch undergoes, several factors are very important: the chemistry of the materials, the adhesion and the thickness, including hardness.

But if the latter is often mentioned in literature, the internal tensions of processing are often overlooked.

With this illustration from "Scratch Test", like a comet in a cloudless sky, we want to show you the result of a layer with very low tension. These are noticeable only at maximum load, which is synonymous with a certain hardness.

Conversely, a bad treatment would flake off very quickly and would cause serious aesthetic problems on a visible scale (spots, increased local reflection, iridescence, etc...).

ECONORM makes these anti-reflective products to last over time, no matter how you use your watch, we have the solution without tension, very gently.

Le Nanomètre - Scratch Test AR ECONORM

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