The Independent Spirit , 35th anniversary of the AHCI (Watchmaking Academy of Independent Creators)

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Text: Olivier Müller

The watchmaking academy of independent creators celebrates its 35th anniversary in 2020, it is more than a third of a century of total independence, creativity, exposure and sharing of watchmaking know-how.

This organization, which aims to protect independent artisanal watchmaking, presents a portrait of its members and candidates in this work.

They share their most emblematic creations and their know-how, giving guided tours of their workshops and a glimpse of their world.

This dive into the heart of the watch is a wonderful journey for all lovers of creativity and authenticity, whether they are experienced collectors or not.

ECONORM is proud to help this association to pursue its goal for this anniversary and the many to come.

Best wishes to you all!

AHCI - 35 Anniversaire ECONORM

Direct link : https://issuu.com/watchprint/docs/book_ahci?fr=sODJhYTM4NDA0MQ

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